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Author(s): Daniela Racines
Quinta Circular XII CIMFAUNA Quito - Ecuador
Author(s): Daniela Racines
WCS Position Statement CITES COP17
Author(s): Wildlife Conservation Society, 2016
Resumen Ejecutivo Mitigación WCS Ecuador, 2016
Author(s): Sebastian Valdivieso
Andean Condor in Ecuador Geographic Distribution, Population Size and Extinction Risk (2016)
Author(s): Adrián Naveda-Rodríguez, Félix Hernán Vargas, Sebastián Kohn, Galo Zapata- Ríos
Road Development and the Geography of Hunting by an Amazonian Indigenous Group- Consequences for Wildlife Conservation (2014)
Author(s): Santiago Espinosa, Lyn C. Branch, and Rubén Cueva
Mammal hunting by the Shuar of the Ecuadorian Amazon, is it sustainable (2012)
Author(s): Galo Zapata-Ríos,Carlos Urgilés, and Esteban Suárez
Controlling access to oil roads protects forest cover, but not wildlife communities- a case study from the rainforest of Yasuní Biosphere Reserve (Ecuador) (2012)
Author(s): E. Suárez, G. Zapata-Ríos, V. Utreras, S. Strindberg, and J. Vargas
Deforestation and Waorani Lands in Ecuador Mapping and Demarcation, Amidst Shaky Politics
Author(s): Anthony Stocks, Andrew Noss, Malgorzata Bryja, and Santiago Arce
Uso y conservación de fauna silvestre en el Ecuador (2011)
Author(s): Galo Zapata-Ríos, Esteban Suárez, Víctor Utreras, and Rubén Cueva
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