The effective mitigation of impacts occurring in protected areas is part of our conservation strategies.

  • WCS incorporates, as part of its conservation strategies, the mitigation of infrastructure impacts occurring within protected áreas.

  • Control of environmental impacts includes the application of the mitigation hierarchy to avoid, minimize, restore or offset potential impacts.

  • Mitigation hierarchy seeks to achieve No Net Loss (NNL) and Positive Net Impact (PNI).

  • No Net Loss is achieved when all project’s impacts are properly handled and controlled through the application of the mitigation hierarchy.

Challenges and opportunities: 

  • The main mitigation goal of WCS is to support stakeholders involved in the conservation of protected areas towards the implementation of the mitigation hierarchy and to reach no net loss.

  • WCS Ecuador is promoting a dialogue space for the main stakeholders in order to reach agreements for the implementation of more effective conservation measures for protected areas.

Access road to the Yasuni National Park in the area of Rodrigo Borja community. To the right of the picture you can see the bridge over the Tiputini River. This access road leads to the community Wao Tobeta and to the oil platforms of the company PetroOriental.