Awareness building

Environmental awareness building to inspire conscientiousness and involvement in conservation activities 

  • WCS develops and offers education and capacity building programs that seek to encourage the participation of school children, teachers, community members, and other stakeholder groups to enhance their awareness for conservation and sustainable development of key wildlife species and their habitats.
  • WCS emphasizes strengthening the Yasuní Biosphere Reserve control and monitoring system by providing training to park guards in the areas of conservation, resource management, biological monitoring, GPS use and navigation, as well as conflict mitigation.
  • WCS fosters positive attitudes towards the environment and teaches skills that enable people to analyze and make educated and informed decisions about how they interact with the environment, and, ultimately, to take effective actions to improve and maintain that environment.

 Major accomplishments:

  • The Ministry of the Environment is implementing the Jaguars Forever curriculum in several protected areas where conflicts between people and jaguars have been increasing in recent years.